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Many of our dancers have learned from us for years. See for yourself why dance fans of all levels choose Moonstar Dance Studio. Join our community today. Ask about our company troops and learn more about how Moonstar strives to find balance and affordability for all of our company dancers! Do we sound to good to be true? Check us out and learn how our program can work for you.


Dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.

Adult Fitness/Ballet Barre

A blend of Dance, Pilates, Barre, Circuit and Strength Training. Great for the busy mom who wants to have fun and see some real results in a short amount of time. Come join our amazing group of Moms. All Fitness levels welcome!!!

Ballet/Tap Combo

For the dancers who want a little bit of both. Working on a continuum, balance, rhythm, musicality carry the dancers into understanding the concentration necessary to continue to grow as a dancer. Dancers begin to learn the basics of Ballet and Tap. Creativity is still a big part of the dance process.

Birthday Party Packages

Includes: 2 hour private party with a reserved private studio, one skilled instructor to host your party! We can accommodate a certain theme for your “princess” $225.00.


Ballet is the basis of all dance forms developing strength, balance, style and the physical and mental discipline required for the proper executions of dance movements. Working on self-discipline, body placement and developing poise, self-confidence and creativity. A progression in learning dance vocabulary, combinations and choreography will carry each dancer forward through each class. A good solid foundation in ballet helps the progress in all other styles of dance. Ballet is highly recommended for all dancers. A minimum of two ballet classes are required to train on pointe with MDS.


This class introduces the beginning steps of ballet combined with a high energy Hip-Hop routine in the second part of class. This combo class will leave your child interested in learning more about Ballet but excited to move and groove with the beat.

Broadway Rockettes

The Radio City Rockettes are an iconic American dance company known for their precision and high-kicking performances. This class will incorporate high energy kicks with a Broadway style flair. Character heels may be asked to be worn in class.

Cardio Kickline

High energy class focusing on fitness, strength and flexibility while creating a sideline style routine that will be sure to leave the crowd clapping. Think Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!


This is the perfect class for a dancer looking to cross-train into the world of cheer. The class will to build the fundamentals of the various cheer skills needed to be on a cheer team. Pom work and stunt work incorporated.


Contemporary ballet is a genre of dance that incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance. It employs classical ballet technique and, in many cases, classical pointe technique as well, but allows greater range of movement of the upper body and is not constrained to the rigorously defined body lines and forms found in traditional ballet.

Convention Prep

This class is a demo of different styles of dance to challenge your dancer’s technique, muscle memory and performance skills. This class is not for the beginner dancer as we learn combinations quickly and change styles weekly.

Dance Jam

This class is for the high energy student! Jazz and Hip-Hop infused together while focusing on an emphasis of technique and stage presence. This popular style will play all of the top music of today and leave your dancer good and tired for the rest of the night. Get moving with teacher Samantha and come groove with us!


Hip-hop is one of the most diverse and popular dance styles, lacking the stern rules of ballet or jazz. Hip-hop is fast paced, with various different sub-styles that make every class a new adventure!


This area of study adds fun and diversity to a student’s training. A Total Dancer with these additional skills ensures their success in the highly competitive field of dance. The Cheer/Tumble class will introduce the student to basic level 1 tumbles. Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, etc. with routines that will include Poms.


Dance improvisation is spontaneously creating movement, without pre-planning any steps or choreography. Dancers move freely, without relying on set movement patterns. In improvisation, dancers may aim to create new, original movement, or to use familiar movements in unique ways.


Similar to Jazz, but infused with Hip-Hop to be sure to create a fun routine your child will never forget. Styles can be found on current children movie releases as well as Disney JR and many music videos. Mat work included, cartwheels, round offs, etc.


Jazz This class emphasizes total body conditioning and awareness working on strength, flexibility, isolation, leaps, turns, creativity, jazz vocabulary, movement, combinations and choreography that is age appropriate. Dancers taking Jazz should consider taking a Ballet Class to help with technique.

Latin Fusion

Latin Fusion dance class includes a wide range of dances originating in Latin America, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Examples include the Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa and Merengue. This class allows you to be a part of the Latin explosion in today’s music and culture! while pairing it with Jazz to keep that body moving and grooving.


Ballet and Jazz fused together in a lyrical form to express emotion and technical skills. A strong technical skill base in Ballet and Jazz is needed to execute Lyrical dance. This style is for dancers who have taken a minimum of 2 years of either Ballet or Jazz or by teacher approval.

Leaps and Turns/ Technique for Dancers

An additional technique class emphasizing the form and practice of leaps and turns used in dance. This class is recommended for any dancer that wants to improve on their technical skills. (Non-Recital)

Musical Theater

Classes consist of basic warm-ups, stage movement and basic dance skills incorporated into different musicals. Classes also include interactive games and exercises to enhance acting skills, confidence on stage and characterization.

Pop Star Princess

All of our dancers will be grooving and dancing on their feet as we teach them their favorite dance moves and how to pose like a true pop star! Music will be Disney, Barbie, Princess inspired and be sure to leave you dancer begging for more.

Princess Ballet

The princess ballerina will learn beginning ballet steps while continuing to discover musical skills, develop coordination and how to interact with children their own age through dance movement and creativity.

Progressive Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. One of the important elements used in the PBT method is muscle memory which helps to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment.

Tiny Toes

Ages 2 -4 Incorporating Ballet and Creative Movement, this class lets dancers discover musical skills, develop coordination and learn how to interact with children their own age through dance movement and creativity. Just the class to start them off on the right foot!!!


Tap develops coordination, rhythmic skills, stamina and musicality. Basic techniques and rhythms taught, focusing on control, speed and clarity of sounds. Tap shoes required.

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