Great teacher, nice music, professional teaching. Great place!

Zachary Oneal

I experience disabilities, and struggled making friends which is why I chose to focus on a special needs cheer team.

But, I loved the teacher, because she cared about me and spent a lot of time trying to help me learn dancing even though I have gross and fine motor delays. I also know that there are other people with disabilities at the dance studio who are doing very well there.

Kayleigh Taylor

Love taking classes from here, team is so fun, they make it fun and a good time to learn a new form of art, preforming at comp was so fun plus costumes! so fun. love it here.

Sanji Kaushal

My daughter has taken classes at THPRD and other studios, but overall Moonstar has been the best fit for us. The atmosphere is positive, encouraging and caring. The music and costumes are always tasteful and age appropriate. Overall this has been an amazing experience, my teen was on a competitive dance team this past year, they won awards for their performances and also the school as a whole won an award for its sportsmanship. If you are looking for kind, happy , supportive fellow parents and dancers, this is the place. Your child will likely always look forward to dance class.

Trish N

When my daughter was eight years old, she began lessons with Moonstar Dance Studio. I first enrolled her in the classes offered to learn the basics, but over time has developed a love for dance along with sincere admiration and respect for her teacher, Shadowmoon Wolf. Shadow is like a second mother to my daughter, helping facilitate her creativity through dance along with learning important life lessons.

Being with the studio for 6 years now, the studio has grown alongside my daughter. The variety of different dance styles offered are phenomenal, especially living in a diverse and competitive town like Beaverton, OR. Currently, my daughter dances 4 days a week and was asked to compete with the studios’ Senior Team this past season. Since the start of this team, I have been able to witness Shadow’s skill and talent as an instructor. Shadow knows each dancer’s abilities and limitations; she has masterfully been able to enhance their skills as well as aiding each dancer in individual improvements-pushing the envelope to deliver excellent results.

My daughter now being 13 years old, looks forward to dancing every day. Words cannot express how working with this studio has changed our lives. I highly recommend Moonstar Dance Studio!


From a mom’s perspective, Moonstar Dance studio is the BEST! It’s the perfect place to experience several styles of dance that is affordable and fun! My 2 girls have taken dance for 15 years now and we went to various places before we found Shadow, who is the founder of Moonstar Dance Studio. After taking classes from Shadow, over 10 years ago, we didn’t go anywhere else because she is the best teacher we have ever worked with! Since then, we have also loved the other teachers who teach at Moonstar! The self esteem that my girls have develped through dance has been a valuable part of their growth and they enjoy expressing themselves through dance. I have even taken some adult classes. Shadow is very knowledgable in dance and exercise and I always get a great workout in her classes! She has taught boys too and I would recommend Moonstar Dance Studio to anyone!

Diana McIntosh

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